This week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt is “Plan B”. It reminded me at once of a sermon I’m preparing for next Sunday on Joshua and Kaleb’s stand of faith as Israel is about to enter the promised land.

“What a meeting!”

Josh knew exactly what his friend meant. For a moment he wondered whether Mo had made the right decision in sending out spies. Surely, he knew what this people was like. His mind went back to that secret meeting just as they were setting out into the desert.

“We’re not going by the direct route to the promised land. It’s far tougher than going around the long way. If we try the direct route, these guys are quite likely to throw in the towel before we get started.”

To be honest, Josh had wondered whether Mo had not underestimated his fellow Israelites. They had suffered so much at the hands of the Egyptians, surely they would be willing to try anything to get away. But it hadn’t taken long to realise how wrong he had been. So why bother with the spies. True, their reconnaissance would give the Israelites a far better chance in any military confrontation. And how was Mo to know, that this would be the result.

“So what’s plan B.”

Josh looked at his friend with incredulity. Just minutes before they had faced the crowd without flinching. They’d not run away from the facts, BUT faced up to them with the one argument they had.

“God is faithful.”

Those were Kal’s words but Josh echoed them with all his heart. Yet now, his friend was talking about plan B. Disappointment began to creep into his heart. How could Kal…? Check.

Kal was human, just like him. Josh remembered that one day. Everything had been going so well. They had advanced more than on any other day since their departure. Then doubt crept in. The night had been long and without sleep. Doubt had seen to that. Doubt rampant; rampant until in utter desperation he’d cried out:

“Lord, I believe! Please, please, please help my unbelief. Help me overcome my doubt.”

So why shouldn’t Kal have the same doubts. Why couldn’t he afford the same magnanimity to others that he had once claimed for himself. His answer was full of grace.

“Plan B? Well, I guess it’s pretty much the same as plan A… Putting our trust in God.”

Without flinching Kal consented. After all, it wasn’t their one forlorn hope. It was their firm conviction.

See the Sunday Scribblings website for more stories on Plan B.

About Welshman Paul

Welshman Paul loves playing around with words. One of his ambitions is to attempt a dictionary of short stories for words which have several meanings.
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3 Responses to BUT

  1. Nice! If we have the firm conviction to put our trust in God, He will direct our plans. Thanks!

  2. Beautifully written…

    Here is mine:


  3. ms pie says:

    … ain’t it cool??!!! god’s got all the answers…. blessings that you would have a great sermon to preach and that all god’s people would hear the message…

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