Call For Help

Sensational was a pretty proud guy. I guess that’s hardly surprising. If you had a stream of people, day in day out, using your name to describe experiences that would throw your body into ebullience (his word not mine), then you’d be proud too. Anything from a ride down the Amazon in the minutest of river boats with piranhas sharpening their teeth in readiness for a good meal, to hang-gliding over an icing-sugar capped peak and Sensational name was called upon.

But recently, Sensational was beginning to feel like God. The problem: people were using his name so often that they were beginning to take it in vain. He’d first noticed this the day after his nephew’s first birthday. He’d gone straight to his sister’s house after work to wish him a belated Happy Birthday. A bedraggled Mundy was just getting up and described with several sensationals the pub crawl his friends had taken him on the evening before.

He’d come up against similar experiences on occasion over the next few years, but more recently it was becoming more and more frequent and this was worrying Sensational. His pride could not withstand the blow of having his name cheapened like this.

From having read his Bible he knew that calls and appeals to change would not help at all. God had tried that and each time come up against nothing but hard hearts. What they needed was education; examples of what was truly sensational, examples that would inspire. A collection of stories and various other writings to help make his point. Just the thing for Sunday Scribblings writers.

About Welshman Paul

Welshman Paul loves playing around with words. One of his ambitions is to attempt a dictionary of short stories for words which have several meanings.
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3 Responses to Call For Help

  1. Jae Rose says:

    Your playing with words is so expertly done it reads easy..humorously..As I sit at my desk looking out the window into the flats across the way I imagine the occupants names..why they don’t leave the house any more! Jae

  2. Old Egg says:

    I suppose the secret is to expand your dictionary and not to overuse descriptive words. I expect we don’t compete with each other another on a personal level so have have to hit them with superlatives instead. Really fun post.

  3. Nara Malone says:

    Now this was a wonderfully creative way to use the prompt. I’d say sensational, but maybe I better not.

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