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This week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt is “Plan B”. It reminded me at once of a sermon I’m preparing for next Sunday on Joshua and Kaleb’s stand of faith as Israel is about to enter the promised land.   “What a … Continue reading

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Red Book Revisited

Some two years ago I had the privilege and joy to share in a collaborative writing project called Chinese Whisperings: The Red Book. This was an anthology with a difference. It consisted of ten interrelated stories. Each author set out … Continue reading

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What do you write on?

This week’s 3WW words are: dull, race and yawn. Find out more about 3WW by clicking here. Not a question I’d ever thought much about really, until it came up in my writing group yesterday evening. My favourite remains good … Continue reading

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What a cliché! Yet, it was true. he really had never been so scared in his life. But his editor would never accept that. He tried to find something new. Heart beat omission as reporter lacking ease of mind takes … Continue reading

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Call For Help

Sensational was a pretty proud guy. I guess that’s hardly surprising. If you had a stream of people, day in day out, using your name to describe experiences that would throw your body into ebullience (his word not mine), then … Continue reading

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Where are you, Adam?

This week’s words: erode, heart, observe. My apologies to Heinrich Böll for pinching his title.   Erode had never been very popular. When he was young, he tried his best to breach the repulsion people felt at the sight of … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

This week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt: Tomorrow   Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. How easy it is to fool oneself. Yet it seemed so permanent, just like the cliff-top I’m standing on now. Yet, one day, it too … Continue reading

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