Two birds with one stone with this piece. First, a writing exercise, details of which can be found here. And secondly, another 3WW piece to include the words: indecision, option, fate. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

With a loud click the clock moved on to 3.13pm. D-minute -1. My head kept telling me this was the moment I’d been waiting for. My legs weren’t so sure. They wanted to remove me at high speed. Good job, my overweight body refused to obey. Was it a good job? Could it really be? The train pulled in. I looked for the bouquet I’d intended buying… Well, they do say the road to love is filled with good intentions. At least, I’ll know if it’s really me she wants. Another click… and a groan. The five minutes late sign pops up. Everyone looks at me. Was my inward groan so loud. My legs begin to find find some life. They lift me off the bench, force me down the platform… in the wrong direction. About turn. Indecision. There’s the train pulling into the station… two minutes early or three minutes late. I no longer care. She’s all that matters now, and in a few seconds, she’ll be stepping down off that train. Damn, I’ve walked so far up the platform… The doors open. There she is. We glide into each other’s arms. No one ever can separate us now.

For the third time since flying past the old grammar Enna glances at her watch. She presses her nose against the window, tearing herself away only when the train slows to a standstill. She tries the doors, nothing doing. It seems fate is playing her final hand. She pulls her rucksack down from the rack. It flies down the aisle and lands beside me at something like the speed of a Nadal backhand. She bends down to pick it up just as the train starts up again with a lurch. Now, it’s her turn for flying. She refuses all help and is soon back on the feet. She looks like a drunk as she advances down the aisle trying to compensate the rocking of the train as it crosses a series of points. Her hand clicks onto the door handle. However hard anyone pulls, she’ll not release. Not until the driver activates the release mechanism To me, it seems as if she jumped through the closed door. She races. Then I see him, a charging elephant. They embrace. Seconds later, they are raptured up into heaven in a whirlwind.

I can understand it all now.  His weight loss, his sudden interest in cycling. His promise that nothing would ever separate us. Of course, it wouldn’t, she’d said no, sent him packing, leaving him with no option but to return, tail between his legs to his long-suffering wife. She’d rejected him because she’d wanted adventure. But adventure’s shine fades. Was that why she’d come back. And to think, I’d been so proud of him these last few weeks. 5 kilo weight-loss and so much exercising. He’d even begun writing again. He was making me happy. Maybe, things could after all be as before. But he remained fragile, I could see that. Feverish excitement would give way to black moodiness. His poems finished, I tried to get him to read them to me. “I’ve an important appointment. When I return…” Those were his very words. So I followed him. Dogged him all the way to the train station. Past the ticket office and on to the arrivals hall. Then, I knew. There was only one train due in at this time and that was from there. Adventureland, seeking out a new victim. I saw the platform charge. Saw the waiting passengers smirking, their bemusement written large between ever-widening eyes. I turned away and vowed never again to look back.

About Welshman Paul

Welshman Paul loves playing around with words. One of his ambitions is to attempt a dictionary of short stories for words which have several meanings.
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3 Responses to Encounter

  1. Sheilagh Lee says:

    great story I really enjoyed this.

  2. Old Egg says:

    Curiously intriguing. Captivating of course with enough teasers for the imagination to go into overdrive. Enjoyed the visit.

  3. Altonian says:

    A lot of switching about there, over a comparatively short distance, but so well written that it was clear all the way through. Clever and good.

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