Blundering Into Someone Else’s Story

I stumbled upon her quite by accident. Unaware of her tragic past history, I was afraid, I’d woken her up. Not for the first time had my blundering threatened to bring about misfortune. Luckily, she didn’t move. She looked so peaceful as she lay there in the hills, her regular breathing conveying a feeling that all was well with the world.

Of course, I was captivated. Who wouldn’t have been after contemplating those wine-red lips, that alabaster face framed by her ebony strands. I knelt down beside her and stared. As long as she didn’t wake up, I was safe. She seemed to beckon to me. Was it an illusion? I leant over and lowering myself inch by inch, barely brushed her lips with mine.

As I did so, she opened her eyes and smiled. I returned the smile. She blinked but the words her lips were beginning to form refused to come out. That she was puzzled, was evident. She blinked again before finally managing:

“But you’re not my prince!”

No, I was no prince. Sure, I may have had his charm, but that was about all. However, we still lived happily ever after, despite my blundering.

About Welshman Paul

Welshman Paul loves playing around with words. One of his ambitions is to attempt a dictionary of short stories for words which have several meanings.
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17 Responses to Blundering Into Someone Else’s Story

  1. WarmSunshine says:

    Nice one there! Interesting, reminded me of fairy tales I read long time back 🙂

    Dropping by from 3WW!

  2. And haven’t we all been tempted when blundering in to someone else’s story. Very nice.

  3. Nimue says:

    Such a asweet story !!!
    Like this 🙂

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    Beautifully romantic and so very sweet =)


  5. Sheilagh Lee says:

    Apparently you were her prince she just didn’t realize it in the story.Lovely story.

  6. Ren says:

    A definite tug on the heartstrings 🙂

  7. christine says:

    Romantic love sometimes blinds the real vision in front of us, good thing you turned out to be her prince.

  8. Inner beauty always wins in the end. Nicely written.

  9. Thulasi says:


  10. earlybird says:

    Well done you for getting there first!

  11. Altonian says:

    A fairy tale for adults, and very well done.

  12. Lalita says:

    Beautifully written..! Really Nice use of Prompt..! 🙂

  13. V L Sheridan says:

    What a sweet story! Well done.

  14. Jae Rose says:

    When stories converge..maybe a little magic happens around the seems..Jae

  15. Interesting mix! Fun read, Paul

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