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A Worthy Master

“Have you got the courage to become a traitor?” The light of the flickering candle distorted the features of the three people huddled together on the floor of Huges small hut. He looked across at the two pair of eyes … Continue reading

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Linguistic Fun

This week’s 3ww words are relish, foolish and mercy. I often write little stories for my adult English students to teach them the meaning of new words. Something along these lines… Relish had always been an enthusiastic person. Whatever he … Continue reading

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Double Homage

He’s probably the English language’s greatest writer and today is his birthday. Now as I come second to him in writing and also missing sharing the great man’s birthday by just one day, it would seem presumptuous of me to … Continue reading

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A Dash Across Town

This week’s Friday Fiction challenge: Why was Easter Bunny held up with deliveries this year? ______________________   Jeff stepped out into the bright sunshine. His one regret, that he’d not managed to finish some thirty minutes earlier. Due to the … Continue reading

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Class Have Mercy

Luap glanced up at the mirror as he passed through to the bathroom. The image that stared back at him taught him nothing new. A glance at the clock would have been more beneficial. But that was the last thing … Continue reading

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Blundering Into Someone Else’s Story

I stumbled upon her quite by accident. Unaware of her tragic past history, I was afraid, I’d woken her up. Not for the first time had my blundering threatened to bring about misfortune. Luckily, she didn’t move. She looked so … Continue reading

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Pereira Maintains by Anthonio Tabucchi

It is widely acknowledged that all that is needed for evil to triumph is for the good to remain silent. Pereira is a good man. He shows little interest in politics; he lives his life in his own small way, … Continue reading

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