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Which Girl

Millie turned pale the moment he spoke these words. Inspector Maas knew he had her on the rack. Yet, he hesitated. The woman had fragile written all over her. She’d break easily. It would probably take just a few more … Continue reading

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Literature Class

The three words in this week’s 3WW prompt are volley, dual and identical. Luap sat at his keyboard and stared at the three words he had already written. How on earth was he going to explain these words to his … Continue reading

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HARMONIOUS friendly and peaceful things that combine well with each other music that consists of notes combining in a pleasant way. I love music. I like singing even more. I’m even the singing part of a Celtic folk music band … Continue reading

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This week’s Friday Fiction challenge: The one thing your character regrets learning the most is…… Five minutes had gone by and Farnum hadn’t turned a single page. He just sat on the sofa, his frozen hand clutching the corner of … Continue reading

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Shepherd Or Sheep

Finding the right word is not always easy. Finding it in another language can be even worse. Just over 25 years ago I was preaching one of my first sermons in French. I’d checked it over thoroughly and given it … Continue reading

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My words… and yours

Mere words: Is this all you have to offer? After all, don’t actions speak louder than words? Why more words? Mere words: who can neglect their importance? Nothing but squiggles on a piece of paper. But when ordered, these squiggles … Continue reading

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